A downloadable SlenderDarkNightmare

Slender-Man: The Dark Nightmare 

Hi! My name is KAoTI (Instagram: @kaotiorion), and I am developing this game while I am in high school, this game will improve its functionality in the next coming weeks.


  • W A S D  -> Move Character
  • Left Shift -> Run
  • Left Click -> Grab page or do an action while crosshair is red
  • Right Click -> Focus flashlight
  • Mouse Scroll Wheel -> Set flashlight intensity
  • E -> Camera zoom
  • Q -> Enable/Disable flashlight (Bugged after grabbing 3rd page)

Known Bugs: 

  • -[Fixed] Collider Bugs -> Sometimes you cant entry in a building or a branch or something            blocks your movement. 
  • -[Fixed] Random unity crashes -> Usually after grabbing second page and is the first time that you open the game.
  • -[Fixed] Slender get blocked by trees or structures, trying to fix it.
  • -Bad performance, trying to improve, better than last update.


This is VERY VERY heavy game, so you need atleast a external graphics card, because with Intel Core i5 4460 Integrated graphics it runs at 6 fps.

I have a GTX 1080 and runs at 160 fps aprox. 

Not very CPU demanding, but needs a good GPU. 

Install instructions

Just download it, extract rar file and execute Slender.exe file!


Slender The Dark Nightmare (Pre-Alpha 0.0.5f).rar 457 MB

Development log


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Hellow there creator. i finally played your game. I picked up the second page and the game crashed... And no slenderman in the woods... Anyway here is my gameplay of your gam. ENJOY!!

it Starts on 11:43

Hi there, im trying to figure out why does it crash when you grab the second page... its very weird. 

As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!

Love ya m8 !