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Slender-Man: The Dark Nightmare 


  • W A S D  -> Move Character
  • Left Shift -> Run
  • Left Click -> Grab page or do an action while crosshair is red
  • Right Click -> Focus flashlight
  • Mouse Scroll Wheel -> Set flashlight intensity
  • E -> Camera zoom
  • Q -> Enable/Disable flashlight (Bugged after grabbing 3rd page)

Known Bugs: 

  • -[Fixed] Collider Bugs -> Sometimes you cant entry in a building or a branch or something            blocks your movement. 
  • -[Fixed] Random unity crashes -> Usually after grabbing second page and is the first time that you open the game.
  • -[Fixed] Slender get blocked by trees or structures, trying to fix it.
  • -Bad performance, trying to improve, better than last update.


(Project close due inactivity and lack of attention to this project)

Sat. April 18 2020


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Thanks for letting me know about this game! I enjoyed it and I hope you enjoy the video I made!



I really enjoyed your video about the game, the most your way of narrate your experience!

Thank you it means a lot 🙏

SKIP TO 9:17!!!

Good Slender game. 

(1 edit)

This game project is very impressive! Full marks to you man!

I too am a high school game developer, so i understand the feeling of bugs popping up and all of that, but this game was very good! Looking forward to seeing your progress in the future. I use the Unreal engine so we couldnt exactly "Work together" but if you'd ever be interested in teaming up i'm fully up to it

My game demo i just released 2 weeks ago just shows the mechanics and story for the full game, *Outlast and Amnesia inspired) no objectives or monsters yet. Coming in full release tho. Also working on another game which is smaller and contains a monster/scares

Full marks to your game!!

void m_Thanks(){ 

string m_ThanksYou = "Man, I don't know how to thank you for this wonderful comment ... 

Usually people just highlight the bugs the game has, and even if it's not a destructive opinion and is constructive, the truth is that it bothers me a little ...

Maybe its just me, because I like trying to make everything go perfect ... but as you know ... it's impossible being a just one teen army... 

However, you made my day, thanks!";

Hellow there creator. i finally played your game. I picked up the second page and the game crashed... And no slenderman in the woods... Anyway here is my gameplay of your gam. ENJOY!!

it Starts on 11:43

Hi there, im trying to figure out why does it crash when you grab the second page... its very weird.